Program Organization and Governance

Program Governance, Management, & Organization

Governance for the Enterprise Asset Management Program consists of the following oversight channels:  

EAM Project Team (PMO Office)

The Program Management Office is established to
      • Manage multi-year integrated program execution
      • Mitigate risk and maintain stakeholder commitment
      • Conduct weekly project status meetings
      • Ongoing communication with stakeholders and project participants
      • Ensure that the end state solution is aligned with program objectives
      • Provide monthly Steering Committee updates on budget, timeline & milestones
PMO Team Members

Program Manager: Tammy Nelson
Project Manager: Kris Adelmann
Project Manager: Leann Mikkelson
Business Analysts: Chad Dahl, Adam Fink, Rob Jankovich, Sarah Wuest
USIT: Gabe Garlets, Brian Hill

governance structure of eam project.


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