EAM Project Roles and Responsibilities

Publication date: 
July 18, 2017
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eam program infrastructure read below for descriptions

With the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Project in full swing and the Prototype Phase officially underway, we want to revisit the organizational structure that we have in place and acknowledge the critical role you play!  With any complex, multi-year project, setting up the right project structure is key to being successful.  Our structure has helped us maximize results through the first few phases of the project.

Workstream Lead

As many of you know, every Workstream has a Workstream Lead. The Workstream Lead is the biggest advocate for that area.  They drive the needed business decisions and help oversee all issues and tasks. They attend regular EAM meetings and engage others as necessary, which is the role many of you may play.

Workstream Members

Workstream members are subject matter experts (SMEs) who work with the Workstream Lead in varying capacities. Some of you are in this role and are in regular meetings. Others may be engaged from time-to-time.  Regardless of the level of your engagement with the project, all of your input is critical to the success of the project, and is greatly appreciated. 

Business Analysts (BAs)

We have a team of Business Analysts (BAs) who support the Workstream Leads .  They are Sarah Wuest, Rob Jankovich and Adam Fink.

The role of the BA is to:

  • gather requirements
  • document issues and actions
  • facilitate discussions
  • ask questions
  • assist the Workstream Lead in a variety of other tasks

Every workstream has a dedicated BA; the BAs are assigned to multiple workstreams.

Program Governance and Oversight

We have the following oversight in place for the EAM program and project:

  • EAM Program Manager, Tammy Nelson, oversees the EAM program as a whole.
  • EAM Project Manager, Kris Adelmann, oversees the EAM project.
  • Track Team Leads (Leann Mikkelson, Gabe Garlets, Brian Hill, and Sunny Blakesley) manage the project through their track and represent the track to the Program team.  
  • Definitive Logic provides Project Management Consulting services to help the University of Minnesota (UMN) manage the Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) System Integrator (SI).  Definitive Logic provides advice, leading practices, tools, templates and recommendations for the UMN EAM Project Team to consider during the project.
  • eCIFM, the System Integrator, is an IBM partner that is leading the implementation and configuration of the new TRIRIGA software solution.
  • The Executive Oversight Committee, made up of Michael Berthelsen, Michael Volna, and Bernard Gulachek, act as vocal and visible champions, legitimize the project’s goals and objectives, keep abreast of major project activities, and are the ultimate decision makers for the EAM project.
  • Executive Sponsor, Michael Berthelsen, provides visible leadership as champion of the EAM Program through presence at key touch points with Senior University Leadership and key stakeholders.
  • The Steering Committee helps to maximize positive visibility of the EAM Program within respective business lines.
  • The Steering Committee Chair, Leslie Krueger, is accountable for decisions to be reached in the Steering Committee meetings, she ensures project timelines are met, and she assists in removing and/or navigating barriers to program success.

Together, we are all stewards working together to ensure the success of the EAM Project.

For more information, please check out the organization chart and governance model posted on the EAM Website