New EAM Project Communications

Publication date: 
July 18, 2017

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Be Informed With EAM Communications

With the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Project in full swing, there are a number of activities and work going on. In an effort to keep our newsletter subscribers informed, we have updated the communication tools on the EAM website. These communication tools are designed to provide University of Minnesota staff with a trusted channel of information about the EAM Project. Take the time to review these and be an EAM Champion in the know.

EAM at a Glance

A one-page monthly document with pertinent, timely information about EAM. This month’s article is an excellent synopsis of the EAM Project as a whole, outlining the scope, benefits, key activities planned over the next two years and introducing some of the leaders involved in the project. We hope will you post this in your office and share the information with your team.


EAM Update Presentation

A presentation with a little more detail about the project, including recent updates. In this month's update, we are sharing our EAM project calendar through August, introducing our eCIFM partners, and sharing information about the Prototype phase of the project.

Button to download the EAM PowerPoint presentation.