What is the role of the Systems Integration company - eCIFM?

Publication date: 
August 15, 2017

The Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Program relies on a team of professionals working together to successfully implement TRIRIGA. A key member of that team is eCIFM Solutions, Inc., who is in the role of Systems Integrator (SI) (a.k.a., the software development company). eCFIM specializes in TRIRIGA and will help the team by designing all the software components (subsystems) into a complete suite of tools and will ensure the components work together.

software developers discuss the project

A system integrator role is important because they provide a broad range of skills, which include: software, systems and enterprise architecture, software and hardware engineering, interface protocols, automation, and problem solving skills. They also review current processes and make recommendations to achieve efficiencies by using the TRIRIGA tool.

eCIFM Solutions Inc. was selected by the University of Minnesota through a competitive bid process. They provide Integrated Workplace Management Solutions (IWMS) to a wide range of corporations, educational institutions, and Federal, State, and Local government agencies.

eCIFM specializes in the following areas to implement the IBM TRIRIGA® IWMS suite of software:
    • Conducting an analysis of client needs, looking across industries, and incorporating best practices
    • Capturing end-user requirements
    • Tailoring the TRIRIGA application and delivering practical solutions based on the best practices of the higher education industry

eCIFM also offers a suite of mobile applications, which will allow us to use TRIRIGA while out in the field or away from the office. Our users will be able to get the job done, while on the go or when they are away from their computer. eCIFM is committed to meet the needs of UMN by providing a software suite that will allow the university to perform its day-to-day business efficiently, while also offering on-demand reporting.

eCIFM has worked with many other higher education clients, including:
    • Northwestern University
    • Hong Kong University
    • Stanford University
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • University of Rhode Island
    • University of California – San Diego

We look forward to continuing to partner with eCIFM through the rest of the EAM project.