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Help spread the word about the EAM Project! We would like you to share information with others in your work area and help them get ready for the upcoming EAM changes.

message in a bottle washing up on beachEAM at a Glance - Your EAM News on One Page

Check back each month for updated information on the EAM project. *Updated 8/15/17*

EAM at a Glance - August One Page Brief                                EAM Brief: A One Page Summary of the EAM Project

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EAM Update Presentation - More Details About the Project

There is a lot to know when it comes to EAM. This presentation is designed to give you a better understanding of the EAM Project at the University of Minnesota.  

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Your Office EAM Posters - EAM Knowledge in One Location 

Do you have a departmental display case? Do you have a bulletin board for important notices? Here are some flyers to help your staff understand and get ready for EAM.

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Key Contacts

To connect with the Change Management and Communications staff click here.


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