Portfolio Management

portfolio management

The Portfolio Management Workstream includes the core processes listed below.

Portfolio Management – December 1, 2014 to January 9, 2014
Portfolio Management & Property Management

Managing, analyzing, and maximizing the performance of the University's real estate portfolio to align with the University’s mission and strategic plans while being flexible to opportunities. This includes providing information and recommendations to develop UMN’s portfolio, maintaining data on the real estate portfolio, and providing forecasting, budgeting, valuations, and cash flow analysis.

It also includes providing property management services by appropriate business units to optimize the University’s Real Estate assets.

Conditions Assessments

An iterative, ongoing process of analysis of building, site and infrastructure conditions and needs, systematically codified, prioritized, cost estimated, and maintained in a central repository. Assessment data provides inputs on condition to a consolidated project list to be used in capital planning and prioritization.  Assessments will include items such as :

  • Current use
  • Current capacity such as electrical, temperature, fire safety, etc.
  • Alignment with university vision for building use
  • Condition of each building based on its stated vision (e.g. prestige factor)

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