Energy Management and Sustainability

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The Energy Management Workstream includes the core processes listed below.  
Energy Management – October 28, 2014 to November 13, 2014

Building Controls & Alarms

Responsibility for implementing, operating, maintaining, scheduling and monitoring building control and alarm systems including response to alarm/failure conditions. This includes communicating with the building occupants to provide comfortable, safe and efficient environment.

Utility Operations

Operation and maintenance of production systems and distribution systems for electricity, natural gas, storm water, sanitary sewer, processed and potable water, steam, chilled water and compressed air.

Utility Billing

Tracking and analysis of consumption, and allocation and billing of associated costs for utilities used in University facilities. (water, steam, electricity, natural gas, chilled water, sanitary sewer, storm water)

Facility Records

Maintaining and updating facility record information from various sources, typically in electronic format, and responding to requests for information in support of facility related activities such as planning, design, construction, permitting and maintenance.


This includes a building re-commissioning and continuous commissioning programs aimed at improving mechanical system performance and reducing energy consumption to support the functions in the building.


The Sustainability Process Group includes the core processes listed below.
Sustainability – October 14, 2104 to October 23, 2104
Carbon Footprint

Data collection, calculation and analysis of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, buildings, activities, events, processes, product or person of our campuses. This information will be used to implement programs to reduce carbon emissions.

Environmental Compliance

Management of programs intended to comply with environmental laws, regulations, standards and other requirements for Storm Water Management, Wastewater Discharges, Groundwater, Chemical Storage Tanks, Air Quality, Soil Quality, Solid Waste.


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